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Dr. Gregory Vipond’s approach to facial beauty and rejuvenation is one of symmetry and balance. His goal for every patient is for them to leave his office without appearing to have ever seen him by restoring and enhancing a patient’s natural beauty without leaving any telltale signs of cosmetic treatments or having a “done” look. By understanding the complex anatomy of the face and neck and how it changes with advancing age, he can better repair the ravages of time and environment, leaving you with youthful features. It is very true that Facial Plastic Surgery incorporates a great deal of artistry alongside the science of medicine, and having an appreciation of beauty and how it may differ for each patient is a requirement for successful results.

Dr. Vipond believes that it is a privilege to be entrusted with the care of his patients. He understands that facial plastic and cosmetic surgery is a choice and wanted to reward your trust with an honest discussion of your hopes and concerns and to create a treatment blueprint that will help ensure the best possible outcome and value. One of the most enjoyable aspects of his practice is learning how the positive physical changes translate into positive reactions and interactions in a patient’s social network. It is rewarding for him to see how an improvement in appearance can restore one’s self-image and confidence which can lead to an enhanced outlook on life. Despite the often-quoted phrase: “Beauty is only skin deep”, it is very evident that we live in a visual society. First impressions are made in seconds and based primarily on physical appearance. During his residency, he conducted research which demonstrated that patients after facial plastic surgery were judged by others to have more positive personalities and life success based only on their physical appearance. While this may sound unfair, it is a reality that judgment is often based on physical attributes. He has taken care of many patients who feel that their facial appearance does not reflect their inner youth and energy and who feel the need to stay competitive in work and life surrounded by younger peers. Through facial rejuvenation and beautification, he can help reverse the fatiguing effects of aging and let the rest of the world see your “inner child”.

While Dr. Vipond's decision to enter medicine was made very early, he was drawn toward Facial Plastic Surgery during medical school since it combined artistry with the physical science of surgery. He was inspired by the ability to enhance facial harmony and balance. During his training, he gained a large amount of experience in repairing facial traumas and congenital defects. He found it extremely rewarding to help restore the self-image of these patients and improve their acceptance in society. Throughout his education, he was fortunate to have been trained by excellent surgeons who were demanding in their attention to detail yet who also were always willing to teach. Dr. Vipond has carried these lessons with himself into practice. Through meticulous planning and careful surgical technique, he strives to provide the finest care and results for each of his patients and to help meet their expectations. Dr. Vipond looks forward to meeting with you in the near future and to offer you true VIP facial artistry.


1994-1998  Undergraduate Studies:
Queen’s University-Kingston, Ontario, Canada Bachelor of Science with Honors

1998-2002  Medical School:
Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons-New York, New York Doctor of Medicine

2002-2003 Internship:
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital-New York, New York General Surgery

2003-2007  Residency:
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics-Iowa City, Iowa Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

2007-2008  Fellowship:
Mittleman Plastic Surgery, Stanford University-Los Altos, California Preceptor: Harry Mittleman, MD Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


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My approach to facial beauty and rejuvenation is one of symmetry and balance.

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