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Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift

Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift

As we age, there are certain characteristic changes which happen in the forehead and eyebrow region. With repeated muscle movement, horizontal creases or furrows develop along the forehead and vertical frown lines develop between the eyebrows. The eyebrows also drift downward, especially over lateral or outer portion. This leads to “lateral hooding” where brow skin hangs over the bony eye socket and can interfere with peripheral vision in addition to creating a tired appearance. Volume loss over the temples can also lead to a “sunken” appearance and further worsen droopy eyebrows.
The goal of a forehead or brow lift is to return the brow to its youthful position and contour, while maintaining a natural appearance that does not look “surprised”. It is important to recognize the differences between male and female eyebrow shape and position to avoid an unsatisfactory result.
There are some non-invasive options to help with falling eyebrows. This can include a “chemical eyebrow lift” that is done with Botox or Dysport. By weakening the muscles that pull down the eyebrows, the eyebrows are able to be “relaxed” into a higher, more refreshed position. This technique is subtle but very natural. Additionally, for patients with loss of the temple and eyebrow fat pads, volume can be restored with either filler or fat grafting. This may be a more appropriate option for those patients with noticeable hollowing around the eye and temple area and can create a softer, more youthful appearance that is very rewarding.
Unfortunately, there is a limit to what the less invasive techniques can do and surgical rejuvenation may be the more effective approach.
Dr. Vipond employs several different techniques for eyebrow and forehead surgery. One of those techniques is called the Mid-Forehead Buttonhole Lift which uses a natural skin crease above the eyebrow to achieve accurate lifting and contouring of the brow. This incision is closed meticulously, resulting in an imperceptible scar which looks better than the preexisting forehead crease. This mid-forehead buttonhole lift has a much lower chance of complications, such as forehead numbness, fluid collections, unpredictable and short-lived results, than other methods of eyebrow elevation. The type of procedure used will depend on your individual features and goals. For those patients who have eyebrow tattooing, Dr. Vipond may choose to make the incision along the edge of the tattoo. This allows excellent eyebrow contouring with a virtually imperceptible incision.
While a heavy eyebrow may be the only problem, many patients also have upper eyelid skin heaviness and so, a brow lift may be performed together with blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, to create the best rejuvenation effect.
During your consultation, Dr. Vipond will discuss the different options in order to arrive at the best plan for you.


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