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Chin and Jowl Implants

Chin and Jowl Implants

One of the main contributors to the aging face in the change in the bony skeleton. In the lower face, bone loss along the jaw can create deepening jowls as well as a weakened chin. Additionally, some people may be born with insufficient projection of the chin which creates a disproportionately weak lower third of the face. As a consequence, the nose may appear over-projected or pointy.
Non-invasive options can include filler and fat grafting to try and add volume to the soft tissue around the bone. While this may be an attractive option, it may require multiple treatments and, in the case of filler, is not permanent. As well, the weakness in the bone is not changed.
A relatively simple procedure involves placing a chin, chin-jowl, or pre-jowl implant using a very small skin incision and can also be done without general anesthesia. The results can restore balance and harmony to the face and is a permanent improvement. However, should there be a problem, the implant can be easily removed. It is important to select the best size and shape to fit your face and this is best done with a Facial Plastic Surgeon experienced in facial implants. Dr. Vipond trained under Dr. Harry Mittelman, one of the most experienced facial implant surgeons in the country and the inventor of the Mittelman Pre-Jowl and Mittelman Chin-Jowl Implants which are used by many surgeons throughout the world.

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