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Lobuloplasty (Earlobe Repair)

Lobuloplasty (Earlobe Repair)

As popularized by the Kardashians, ear lobe rejuvenation can be a very simple, but effective way to rejuvenate the ears. As we get older, earlobes tend to lose volume and become thinner. With long-term earring use, the ear piercings can become stretched or torn. An extreme example of this is having the earlobe stretched with gauges. Earlobes can be quickly repaired in the office using local anesthesia and patients frequently return to work afterwards.
Dr. Vipond has a number of different techniques, some of which were invented by him, to help fix the damage of earrings and time. Proper evaluation in the office is necessary to determine the best approach for you.
Non-invasive options for thin, elongated earlobes include filler and fat grafting. An Ear Lobe lift can help shorted hanging earlobes, while torn or stretched piercings can be repaired.
As with all surgeries, meticulous technique is essential to create the best results.
Earlobes may be re-pierced after the incision has healed in approximately six weeks. This can be a very easy solution for an aggravating and conspicuous condition.

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