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★★★★★ - Best doctor I've encountered.

I got a tonsillectomy about a week ago and being my first surgery I was very concerned about every little incident with my throat. Every time I had a concern Dr. Vipond seemed to be ready by the phone to help me out which was an amazing relief. The reviews I've read regarding this procedure involve lots of pain and bleeding post operation, however Dr.Vipond was so gentel and thorough that I have experienced barely any of these negative tendencies. He is very compassionate, thorough in explanation and based on results great at what he does. Best doctor I've encountered.

Chelsea B.

★★★★★ - Caring and patient with me

Dr. Vipond was very caring and patient with me. He answered all my questions and made me feel very safe and comfortable. After my surgery, he took care of me and ensured I felt like a superstar. I am happy with my results and all my friends think I look wonderful. His office is wonderful and I will recommend him to anyone seeking a facial plastic surgeon!


★★★★★ - Genuine Surgeon

I went to Dr. Vipond's office based upon my best friends recommendation. I had little bumps and my pores were enlarged. The doctor spent time explaining to me the different laser treatments that would best suite my skin type and issues. After understanding my desired results I wanted to achieve, Dr. Vipond recommended the "Spectra Laser Soft Peel". I was quite nervous because I never did anything like this before. Dr. Vipond was very gentle and comforting guiding me through every step of the treatment. After the treatment I immediately notice my skin had a youthful glow and could not stop staring at my results. I plan to return for the series of treatments that Dr. Vipond said would give me the best long lasting results. I would tell anyone like me that Dr. Vipond really goes out of his way and the time spent was more than I ever expected.

Dawn G.

★★★★★ - Caring and professional

Dr. Vipond has shown concern, caring and professionalism in his interactions with me. He was very detailed in all explanations and patient and caring in his answers to questions. I was very impressed with him and his staff before I had the surgery and more so after. Every member of his staff are caring and professional. Even when my friend (who recommended me to him and is a patient there herself) asked a staff member about how I did they were professional and would not tell her anything. Both of us were pleased at that level of confidentiality. I would highly recommend Dr. Vipond to anyone considering a mid face/neck lift. I healed very fast with no problems at all. Dr. Vipond and his staff are excellent in every way. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my surgery.

Dianne N.



"I recently lost a lot of weight and had excessive loose skin in the chin and neck area. What a tremendous difference the surgery made, He takes a lot of time in actually sculpting and really making sure that your specific problems are addressed and corrected if need be. I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone who wants a very personal high caliber surgeon who is spefically going to cater to the patients needs. In addition, the surgeons staff are equally as professional. You feel as if you are home and they are very discrete in protecting the privacy of their patients. This particular surgeon is for the VIP clientelle and those who command the best of the best. Please visit him and you too will agree with this recommendation."

Valerie E.

★★★★★ - They're the best!

"Having been in the medical field for the last 30 years, I feel I have come to know quality patient care. Dr. Vipond and his office staff demonstrated excellant quality care. His staff was friendly and eager to assist in answering questions. Dr. Vipond explained in detail my procedure and answered my questions. I never felt rushed and my care deserves A+++++., his performance on my procedure was above excellant, and I am left was such gratitude that I chose him. I recommend him highly and feel that anyone who chooses him as their physician in any procedure in his field will have a great experience along with great results....I know I am! and am so pleased with my results. Thank you, thank you Dr. Vipond!"

Jenny A.


★★★★★ - The best plastic surgeon you'll find!

"Dr. Vipond is one the most caring, patient and talented doctors I've ever met. He takes the time to explain options and make honest, appropriate recommendations so you always feel you are making an informed decision. I have never felt rushed which is so unusual these days. Also, I've met several patients and seen first-hand the amazing results of his work. He is truly gifted! And his staff is always very friendly and accomodating. From the moment you walk through the door, you can feel their warmth and close relationship with each other. I always look forward to my appointments! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

Lily M.


★★★★★ - Wonderful Patient Doctor

Dr. Vipond was very caring and patient with me. He answered all my questions and made me feel very safe and comfortable. After my surgery, he took care of me and ensured I felt ok. I am happy with my results and all my friends think I look wonderful.

Ubon P.


★★★★★ - Detailed Doctor

Dr. Vipond was very nice and detailed. He spent a lot of time with me and answered all my concerns. He even wrote back to all my emails with answers that made me feel comfortable. I would recommend him to everyone who is considering a face and neck lift. I recovered in 3 weeks and barely had any bruising. And all my friends love my newer youthful me!

Cynthia A.


★★★★★ - Amazing Attention to Detail

Dr. Vipond was very patient and very detailed in his explanation of my procedure. He made sure I was completely comfortable and that he had answered all my questions prior to starting. Afterwards, any questions or concerns I had were handled very promptly, and with care. He definitely wanted to achieve the best outcome possible.

Megan C.


I had eyelid and neck procedure with the eyebrow lift on January 4,2010. As a man having this procedure done, I was somewhat reluctant, however, my experience was exceptional in that the doctor and staff were all extremely professional and the results, I must say, I am totally happy with. My kids love my new look! No more "turkey neck". On January 4,2010 with Dr. Vipond as my surgeon, I had the following procedures: Facial Liposculpting, Upper eyelids, Face and Neck Lift and Liposculpting/ Platysmaplasty. It's been almost a year now since my surgery and I can only say that my experience with Dr. Vipond was exceptional. The surgeon Dr. Vipond kept me informed throughout the whole procedure, I would recommend him to any of my friends! Looking back with all of the apprehension I had, the whole event was well worth the outcome.

Larry K.

Dr. Vipond is an excellent facial reconstructionist. I have gained and lost a lot of weight in my lifetime, therefore, I have no elasticity left in my face. He did neck lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery and finally an eyebrow lift. I have virtually no scaring and I am thrilled with the results. He goes above and beyond when it comes to time discussing what you need to have done. He is the best and I highly recommend him.

April 39

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